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CO2e Emissions Pathways

Bluebell X adopts a holistic approach towards calculating the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with a biomass supply chain. Bluebell X ensures:

  • Consideration of the entire lifecycle of the biomass, from its original source to its final use.

  • Precise calculations of the GHG emissions associated with different types of biomass, taking into account all factors from cultivation to transformation into final energy products.

  • Tracking of emissions from energy inputs and the combustion process of the final energy product.

  • Comprehensive and accurate assessment of the overall GHG impact of a given activity or process.

  • Bespoke GHG pathway analysis, with the understanding that each biomass user's pathway will be unique.

Bluebell X emphasizes a wide range of factors in choosing a low-carbon biomass product. With Bluebell X, clients get:

  • Detailed consideration of factors like carbon emissions, plant health risks, and the sustainability of the biomass source.

  • The opportunity to choose a biomass product that balances sustainability, low-carbon features, and associated risks.

  • Comparative analysis of different biomass products, such as the adjacent visualisation comparing imported wood pellets with imported woodchip.

  • Guidance on evaluating factors and risks to ensure the right biomass product selection for the end user.

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